Frequently Asked Questions

A serving size of cheese is 1-2 oz per person. We think that's ridiculous! All of our boards comes with a minimum 1.5 oz of each cheese type for the highest number of people to feed.
We then add 1 oz of each meat per person. And fill the rest of the board with all the other deliciousness. Trust us when we say our estimates of how many people each board will feed is very generous. Our large party boards (that feed 20) can easily weigh 10-15 lbs!

But we know it gets a bit confusing fast so here's a cheat sheet.
Lunchbox - 4.5 oz of cheese, 2 oz of meat
Date Night - 13.5 oz of cheese, 6 oz of meat
Couples Night - 27 oz of cheese, 12 oz of meat
Small Party - 45 oz of cheese (almost 3lbs), 20 oz of meat (over 1lb)
Medium Party - 67.5 oz of cheese (over 4lbs), 30 oz of meat (almost 2lbs)
Large Party - 90 oz of cheese (over 5.5lbs), 40 oz of meat (2.5lbs)

If you aren't planning on eating your board right away it needs to be kept in the fridge. It is a perishable item. If you're planning on traveling with your board placing it in a chilled ice chest with some ice packs will keep it cool enough for most same day drives. However, make sure the ice won't melt onto the board.

About 30 minutes-1 hour before you plan on eating the board go ahead and pull it out of the refrigerator. This gives the cheese a chance to warm up a bit and the flavors to come alive!

Most boards are good for up to three (3) days after the pickup/delivery. However some items don't last a well and might make the rest of your board less desirable. Cut items like cucumbers and melons will start to dry out and make your other ingredients soggy. Chocolate covered strawberries do the same. Just chat with us when you are placing your order and we'll make sure you get a board that will stay fresh until the time you plan on eating it.

If you ask for none of one type of cheese you'll get extra of the other cheeses. Same goes for the meat. If you ask for any of the extra ingredients (fruit, veggies, carbs, goodies) you'll receive little bit extra of all the other goodies.

Since Custom Board pricing depends on the cheese selection you will only receive 1.5 oz per person of the cheeses you have requested. If you'd like double of one of the cheese please contact us for assistance.

Custom Boards start at a lower price point but will be slightly more expensive than a Board Makers Choice if you choose one cheese from each "level" of cheese (which is what is typically done on a Board Makers Choice). But it only makes sense that if you choose three (3) more expensive cheeses that the board is more than a board with three (3) more common, cheaper cheeses.

So a Board Makers Choice Date Night board is $50. A Custom Date Night board will range from $45-$75 depending on cheese selection. (Possibly up to $ 82 depending on other premium, upgraded ingredients).